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Keys to Reading Success
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Keys to Reading Success
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Your Personal Virtual Reading Specialist...

Keys to Reading Success™  provides all the services you would expect from a reading specialist. Yes, it provides fast, expert, research-based reading screening and diagnosis. But that is just the beginning. It also gives you an instant Individual Reading Plan that not only tells you  the student's reading level, but tells you “why” the student reads at that level, and it clearly lists the “specific” skills the student needs to work on next.

And Keys to Reading Success™ doesn’t stop there. The program provides teachers with detailed, classroom-tested lessons, metacognitive instructional strategies, and aligned materials and resources so that every teacher, regardless of grade level or subject area—even those with absolutely no background in teaching reading—can provide targeted, effective help so every student succeeds in reading.

The Keys to Reading Success difference ...
Find out why "Keys to Reading Success" works with EVERY student

  An online reading diagnosis with a critical difference -- Keys to Reading Success not only identifies a student's reading level, but shows you why students are struggling and how to solve the problem in the shortest time
  Individual Prescriptive Reading Plan tells you immediately which skills the student needs to work on next
  Provides proven metacognitive lesson plans using accelerated learning techniques to ensure rapid success - Phonics, Comprehension, Vocabulary, Fluency Content Area Reading, and Study and Test-taking Skills
  Automatically scores, diagnoses, analyzes and reports results in real time. Plus, it tracks student progress and growth
  Creates dozens of instant individual, class, and custom reports to help you make the best instructional decisions
  Generates parent reports and parent-involvement take-home activities
  Contains an Optional Accelerated Learning Style and Brain Hemispheric Assessment used by educators, psychologists and major corporations

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ASK THE READING EXPERT -- Do you have a question about reading, accelerated learning, or learning styles that you would like answered? Browse though questions and answers already on the site or ask a question of your own! 

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